DJ Playlist for your Indoor Cycling class

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I often see this question asked in the Facebook groups for Indoor Cycling and Spinning: “Alright, I need a great song for that hill or I need this awesome song for a sprint! Can you HELP ME? “ And then I see a bunch of comments and suggestions and playlists and what not, and that’s all great. I love Indoor Cycling and Spinning groups. I am part of many and I encourage you to join them all, so you can take your Indoor Cycling game to the next level.

Now, as a DJ myself, with a DJing background and I am also DJing currently on a weekly basis, one thing that I do differently is that I never look at those suggestions. I focus on the person that has a laser-focused, mono-maniacal purpose: to ROCK THE DANCE FLOOR, which is the DJ! So, I always look for song suggestions from actual DJs, because the way I see it, the Spinning instructor is a multitasker. He has to:

  • teach the class,
  • ride the bike and
  • play great music.

Now, that’s a lot of things to be great at and there are only a few people that are actually amazing at doing it all. You can be an amazing instructor, but if your music sucks, you’re not playing at your highest level and you’re not reaching your fullest potential. This is why I always focus on what the DJs are playing.

Here’s what I would suggest for you to do: join DJ facebook groups, DJ communities, DJ forums and even blogs and see what they are doing what songs are trending. They usually post their 15-30 minute mix with most current, rocking music, so you can always get great and fresh ideas. They even make mixes with throwbacks which are re-drums and they sound awesome.

So, focus on what this person that their only goal is to make the dance floor rocking, is doing. And that’s what the spinning instructor is supposed to do: ROCK THE DANCE FLOOR. You’re students are dancing on their bikes (I like to call it more: dancing on the pedals; eq: instead of climb hard on that hill, do dance hard on that climb; after all, in cycling there is a rhythm and even when watching the pro’s climbing the Alps in the Tour, I see it as them dancing up those epic climbs).

Get into those groups, check their playlists, check their suggestions, and check their top 5-10. Another thing that you can do, as you do your research, you can create your top 5 DJ to go to list. When I hit a creative wall or a road block, and I need that song, I just go to my top 5 DJ’s and I see what are they playing at the moment, what’s popular, what’s their favorite song at the moment, and next thing you know, I got my fresh playlist. My playlist is always fresh and it’s kicking some serious booty.

So, do those few things, join some DJ groups, forums, blogs, look for their mixes, join their Soundclouds or Mixclouds, look for their top 5 songs. They usually put them out. Or they even make their own remixes that will give you that edge over the others and keep your playlist fresh and rocking!

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